The following guide will help you purchase 8 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for only $15.72! You save 87% compared to the recommended retail price of XGPU subscription!

The following tutorial can be used by gamers who:
– never subscribed to Xbox Game Pass for PC,
– never subscribed to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Step 1 – purchase Xbox Game Pass for PC

Join Xbox Game Pass for PC (1 month) for $1.00 at Microsoft Store.

Step 2 – purchase Xbox Live Gold

Buy 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, choosing the cheapest offer from our price comparison. Don’t forget to use a discount code if there is one.

Step 3 – activate your Xbox Live Gold code

Activate the XLG code on and agree to recurring payments. Microsoft will offer you an extra month for free if you do that.

Step 4 – purchase Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Buy Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for 3 months for $1.00 at Microsoft Store.

For a limited time, Microsoft is offering 3 months of Xbox Game Pass for £1.00 as their introductory offer!

Step 5 – conversion of subscriptions to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

While finalizing the transaction, Microsoft will inform you about the subscription upgrade. The 7 months of combined Xbox subscriptions will now be converted to 8 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate!


Congratulations! You just bought 8 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and you only paid $15.72!

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