The end of the month is the perfect time to summarize the Xbox Game Pass titles we could enjoy in April. Microsoft made sure that owners of PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and xCloud users had the best entertaining experience possible. The offer included some really solid titles, such as the debuting Outriders and endlessly popular GTA 5, which returned to the library after a long absence.

This is what the list of games added to Xbox Game Pass in April 2021 look like.

  • Outriders (xCloud & Xbox) – from April 1
  • Disneyland Adventures (xCloud) – from April 8
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox) – from April 8
  • Rush: A Disney / Pixar Adventure (xCloud) – from April 8
  • Zombie Army 4: Dead War (Xbox & PC) – from April 8
  • NHL 21 (Xbox) – from April 12
  • Pathway (PC) – from April 15
  • Rain on Your Parade (Xbox & PC) – from April 15
  • MLB The Show 21 (xCloud & Xbox) – Available Now
  • Phogs! (PC) – from April 22
  • Second Extinction (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – from April 28
  • Destroy All Humans! (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – from April 29
  • Fable Anniversary (xCloud) – from April 30
  • Fable III (xCloud) – from April 30

Of course, there were also some sad news, as some titles left the library. Which one? Here’s the full list of games that departed Xbox Game Pass in April.

Deliver Us the Moon (Xbox & PC) – April 15
Gato Roboto (Xbox & PC) – April 15
Wargroove (Xbox & PC) – April 15
Madden 15 (Xbox) – April 16
Madden 16 (Xbox) – April 16
Madden 17 (Xbox) – April 16
Madden 18 (Xbox) – April 16
Madden 25 (Xbox) – April 16
NHL 18 (Xbox) – April 16
NHL 19 (Xbox) – April 16
Endless Legend (PC) – April 30
For the King (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – April 30
Fractured Minds (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – April 30
Levelhead (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – April 30
Moving Out (xCloud & Xbox & PC) – April 30
Thumper (PC) – April 30

List of Xbox Game Pass games worth playing in April

We also decided to prepare for you a short list of the game from Xbox Game Pass, which, in our humble opinion, worth your attention.

Outriders – is a new game from Polish studio People Can Fly, which is known for Gears of War: Judgment, Bulletstorm and other titles. Here we’re dealing with a shooter , but this time from a third person perspective and with a strong emphasis on acquiring better equipment. On the release day the players faced technical problems that might have occurred due to the game’s presence on Xbox Game Pass service. Nonetheless, the developers are trying to quickly respond to the problems reported to them. If you like titles like Destiny or The Division, you should like Outriders too!

GTA 5 is in a complete opposite situation. because it debuted in 2013. Despite that, it has been enjoying unfading popularity for years and it is hardly surprising. Developers from Rockstar studio once again delivered an exciting story with well-written characters, an open world that you want to explore, and many hours of gameplay. In addition to that, there is GTA Online mode, which has been continuously getting new content. Here you can spend hundreds, if not thousands of hours. It is also worth mentioning that the game was previously available on Xbox Game Pass, but was later removed from it. Wellcome back!

Second Extinction is another completely fresh title, which became available on Xbox Game Pass on April 28 as a part of the Game Preview program. Players take on giant and deadly dinosaurs in this online, cooperative shooter. Fortunately, humans are not completely doomed in these clashes, as they have a number of different weapons at their disposal, which can be additionally improved. This title debuted as part of Steam Early Access in October 2020 and was received quite positively by players (75% of positive opinions with over 3,000 reviews).

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