Xbox Game Pass was launched in 2017. The service works similarly to the currently popular streaming platforms, but instead of movie lovers, it targets gamers. The games offered on Xbox Game Pass were initially available only on Xbox consoles, but now PC owners can also take advantage of the offer.

Xbox Game Pass – what can the new subscribers expect?

New Xbox Game Pass users will get access to a large digital library, which includes both new and popular titles from giants like Electronic Arts and Bethesda, as well as slightly less known titles from smaller publishers. The full list of Xbox Game Pass games includes over 200 items. While the service works on both consoles and computers, it is worth considering that the game library varies slightly between platforms.

Microsoft made sure that a vast group of players were happy with the service, which is why the games available in Xbox Game Pass represent many different genres – from dynamic shooters to demanding strategies.

The library of available titles is continuously expanding and on top of regular monthly additions, all games created by Microsoft game studios are launching on Xbox Game Pass on day one. This service will certainly appeal to all thrifty players and people for whom buying games for a release-day price is too much. You should be careful, because not all games available in Xbox Game Pass stay permanently in the library, so it is worth checking the new interesting titles as soon as possible.